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We are delighted to reveal that Bass Week has been NOMINATED in this year’s Yachts & Yachting Awards.

Now you will all appreciate that second best is not our way (just think of the rewarding efforts put into, not only Bass Week but, NSSA Youth Regatta, and GP14 end of year Regatta to name but three events this year), so please put a little bit of effort into voting for us!

A full list of nominees can be found on the Yachts and Yachting website and voting is now open and will remain so until Friday 13th December.

It’s a close run thing in each of the categories so please do everything you can to encourage other members, visitors and fans to vote. To be in with the best chance of winning your category, please make use of the following:

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Thank you

Hi we had a great week, fab sailing and brilliant entertainment, thank you all so much for all your hard work again.

Belinda O’Donnell
Swarkestone Sailing club

A Big Bass Week Thanks

Dear Commodore, Lady Commodore,

We would just like to drop you line to say many thanks to you and all your committee members for a wonderful Bass week.
You all worked very hard to entertain us ‘Bass Weekers’ and your efforts were much appreciated, it was a great week with
Plenty of brilliant sailing due to your race officers and their crews, and a full social program to keep us entertained.

Thanks again, see you next year,

Bob Johnston
Streaker 1734


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1st Weekend Sat Race 1
1st Weekend Sat Race 1 NEW (not previously uploaded/seen)
1st Weekend Sat Race 2
1st Weekend Sun Race 1
1st Weekend Prizes

2nd Weekend Sat Race 1
2nd Weekend Sat Race 2
2nd Weekend Sat Race 3
2nd Weekend Sun Race
2nd Weekend Prizes
Rescue Photos

Many thanks for your interest and kind regards

Ian Hughes
T: 01524 409606
M: 07775 903 934
E: [email protected]

Saving the best till last

The final race of the regatta had some exciting sailing conditions to determine the overall winners of eight of the ten fleets.

The rain held off till the end of the race when there was a heavy downpour to frustrate those campers that had not taken down their tents/awnings. However, it quickly cleared and the final prize giving was held outside. The Commodore gave thanks to the ‘army’ of committee chairs and helpers that had worked so hard to deliver another successful Bass Week. His wife Emma then presented the prizes.

In addition to the winners of the weekend series, presentations were also made to those on the Beginner Training course, and some special awards for overall performance during the regatta.

IMG_0850 (640x427)
Successful Beginner Training Course Sailors
IMG_0869 (427x640)
Alfie Telford – Endeavour Trophy for sailing in most of the regatta’s races
IMG_0868 (427x640)
Steve Hunt and Ruth Critchley – Ovington Trophy for best overall performance in handicap fleet
IMG_0867 (427x640)
Neil Platt for Best Performance in a Bass F15

What a busy day!

The final Saturday, a 4 race weekend series, and three races to be sailed. Despite a forecast for good winds, the first race was delayed due to wind shifts and the wind easing. Major shifts on the start line resulted on the line being port biased to an extent that some boats couldn’t the line on starboard at times, and the main beats became a fetch for a while. A shortened course helped to bring racing back on programme and the 2nd and 3rd races were held in better conditions.

Sailors will, no doubt, find enough energy to dance the night away before one final race.

Hopefully the forecast rain will hold back a few hours..

Friday Update

There shouldn’t be any problems with waiting for wind today. The biggest question will be what to wear! Perhaps the hypnotist has convinced various people all is not as it may seem…

Despite the heavy overnight rain, the day stayed dry and the wind blew which led to great racing in both races.

The Vice Commodore stood in at the prize giving – it was probably the first time he’d been spotted at a Bass Week prize giving in anything other than a wetsuit!

The evening’s entertainment starts with Bass Has Got Talent. The star act is purported to be Belinda and Nigel with the sheep impressions. Will the judges agree?!

Anyone for Martini?

Thursday has started sunny and windless. Would the forecast wind come in for the morning’s Martini Challenge Trophy?!

And the answer was – eventually! By 1130 the wind direction had swung to the forecast SW, and soon after the OD went out to set a course.

The wind generally held, but the were significant shifts that were there to be taken advantage of, also some shadows of Sale Fell had boats wallowing temporarily.

The afternoon race was the RNLI Pursuit. The sea breeze strengthened the wind and led to some good racing. John and Alfie Telford in a Mirror, started first, held the lead and won overall.

With a hypnotist as the entertainment tonight, everyone is likely to be mesmerised!…

Oh What a beautiful morning!

Wednesday has started with sunshine and a good SE breeze which, hopefully, will last (as the forecast is much less favourable).

Unfortunately, the wind faded as soon as the OD set a course. As a sea breeze seemed to fill the lake, a race was set for 2pm, and started, but the wind soon faded as it swung to the north. Memories of Bass Weeks of old were brought back as boats rafted rounding marks. There was to be no more racing as the wind failed to bed down.


Tuesday started overcast and still. Although ripples started to fill the lake mid morning it was to be mid-day before there was sufficient breeze to race.

The wind was steady in general direction but there were many big shifts to contend with.

The afternoon pursuit was held in similar conditions (and sunshine) though the strength kept coming and going. It was to be Henry and Jamie Rstrick, two young Mirror sailors from Ripon, that took advantage of the conditions, and held on to the lead by a matter of yards from a N12 and a Merlin Rocket.

Beautiful evening for a BBQ and car treasure hunt…

Monday Morning Blues

The morning has started with some heavy showers which are expected to pass over by the time racing starts this afternoon. Also, some heavier winds are due to revisit us!

So much for the forecast… The rain/drizzle lingered somewhat further into the afternoon than expected, the wind filled in from the NW but the gusts did not materialise. With the course for the only race of the day taking the fleet around the lake,  the sailors had a relatively gentle spinnaker leg down to the southern end, with a long beat back, though the wind in the main bay was easing, instead of strengthening as the afternoon went on. Sailors may, or may not have spotted the Osprey during the race, but they would have seen the (grass?) floaters which seemed to be everywhere, having been washed into the lake from the heavy rain.

The sun is out in time for the barbeques, so the world will seem a better place for many 🙂

Sunladen Sunday

A loud and busy night of entertainQuiz winnersment may leave many blowing the cobwebs away with a great sail. Conditions started off showery, but the wind held, and there were again squalls to challenge sailors expertise as well as enhance their enjoyment.

Sunshine reigned, as did the good sailing conditions.

The Medium Handicap were the first fleet to cause a general recall, and some general confusion as the sailors were uncertain about the restart procedure. Also, it meant that the faster fleets were completing their first lap and passing across the starting area before all starts had been completed!

The first prize giving of the week was held outside, and fortunately the threatening weather held off.

As ever, the quiz night generated a lot of interest. When the winning team was announced, three groups cheered (Kevin’s Ely group were just chancing their luck!). It turned out that two teams had picked the same name – Norfolk and Chance! Although both had done well, it was the Bass Carruthers/Denwood group that won the jar of sweets.

Saturday Sunshine

Great warm wind, and sunshine! A fantastic way to start Bass Week. The question as to whether anyone who travels 1000 miles to Lake Garda would enjoy better conditions has been asked. At present, we would suggest no.

Although the sun faded, the wind continued and it put many sailors off venturing out. The first boat out was a Flying Dutchman, which duly capsized! There were many others boats that followed though there was an unfortunate incident when a boat capsized before the start, and then righted to find it had a broken mast.

To reduce the prolonged start sequence, starting interval was reduced to 2 mins which made life on the committee boat all the more hectic!

The OD thought that the starts in the first race were all a bit cautious, but they were slightly better in the second race, and the OD even had the recall flag at the ready.

During both races there were some nasty squalls that flattened even F15s, and they led to various changes of positions.

The sailors will be tired tonight but no doubt find time to enjoy the Commodore’s reception and the eukele band throughout the evening.

Final countdown

Although racing does not start until tomorrow, you may wonder why the site is so busy. But we all know we have a fantastical location and everyone is keen to get their favourite camping spot, so there may even be queues waiting for the gates to open at 8!

Once set up, it’ll be time to meet up with old friends, then prepare boats as well.

A busy 24 hours ahead…

Rescue Provision

redsealWe are pleased to be engaging the services of Red Seal Rescue to support and supplement our own rescue facilities throughout the regatta again.

Bass Week Rates 2013

Brochure Prices
Camping fees 2013
Up to 15 June Up to 27 July
On Site
Per Week      
Caravan / Motorhome / Trailer Tent £120.00 £180.00 £198.00
6 + Person capacity tent £120.00 £180.00 £198.00
3 – 5 Person capacity tent £107.00 £161.00 £177.00
2 person capacity tent £70.00 £105.00 £116.00
Awnings and gazebos £45.00 £68.00 £75.00
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6 + Person capacity tent £38.00 £57.00 £60.00
3 – 5 Person capacity tent £25.00 £38.00 £41.00
2 person capacity tent £19.00 £29.00 £32.00
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Sailing fees for double handers:      
1st Weekend series £28.00 £31.00 £34.00
Mid-week series £79.00 £87.00 £96.00
2nd Weekend series £28.00 £31.00 £34.00
Inclusive £94.00 £113.00 £136.00
Single race entry     £11.00
Sailing fees for single handers:      
1st Weekend series £20.00 £22.00 £24.00
Mid-week series £55.00 £60.50 £67.00
2nd Weekend series £20.00 £22.00 £24.00
Inclusive £68.00 £82.00 £98.00
Single race entry £9.00
Launch fee for non racing craft:      
Week entry £39.00 £43.00 £47.00
Daily entry     £19.00
Junior Coaching:
Beginner/Intermediate £55.00 £65.00 £65.00