Bass Week 2002

Sunday 11th August – The final day of Bass Week 2002. Will light winds be the order of the day again or will the forecast be right and let us finish racing with a good southerly breeze? Well…. The southerly breeze came, shifted to the SW and steadied for about an hour prior to the start, and then shifted back to the forecast southerly just minutes into the start sequence. OD William Carruthers opted to abandon the races, which no longer contained a beat, and set a new course around the lake. What an excellent way to finish off a week of light, indecisive airs. Sunday’s final resultsBridget’s Diary
The day started with the innocuous decoration of the flagstaff. Fortunately no sign of any of those elusive loo rolls – Lynn would have gone ballistic. What was I drinking last night? Wine, port, blue WKD… Did I really ask JD if he wanted me under the table? – I must learn to be more careful how I phrase things! Am I becoming a big softie allowing the kids to stay in the disco for a few tracks after the 10pm curfew?

Cleaners said that ‘the bar lady’ was part of a welcoming party at 4am – how does she do it!

Just had a great thought – no more late night shag patrols, and I’ll be back in my own bed for a proper kip – could possibly sleep for a week! But what an experience to expand on when I write my memoirs.

At the prize giving Miles thanked all the numerous bodies that had put in the effort to make the week a great success. A special vote of thanks went to Vice Commodore Jose Hodgkins for her hard work in co-ordinating the event and presented her with some token gifts of flowers and an extra special pairs of gnatsy gants.John Mathie gave a vote of thanks to the Club on behalf of the visitors for putting on a successful and enjoyable week.

William Carruthers and Alan Smith again received the Miners Trophy for their performance as best club flying fifteen over the whole week.

Richard Hodgkins was awarded the HiJinx Trophy for best junior club performance overall.

Saturday 10th August – The overnight breeze and rain has faded, but at least there was a ripple on the water for the OD to try and get the racing off on schedule.The wind played games all day, changing just before the start. However, the OD decided to ‘let them go’.

Final fling disco tonight until the early hours – we can expect some bleary eyes in the morning!

Friday 9th August – Threatening to be a nice day but no sign of wind! However, the wind did fill in enough to start racing, faded for a while, and then picked up sufficiently to hold the postponed RNLI Silver Salver pursuit and the junior/over 60s/ladies race. Friday’s resultsThe childrens’ painting competition has again had a wealth of impressive entries. One adult passing their time sneakily put their hand to it as well and received a prize for cheek!

The ladies/junior/over 60s race was won by Karen Baker in an RS200.

Tony Fisher's masterpiece

More pics.

Thursday 8th August – Overcast light winds, but the OD started the morning race on time. Only one lap was completed before the winds eased and the race was shortened. Thursday’s Results

Another training session was held for the junior sailors, and it was again held in very light winds.

A delay in the start of the afternoon’s pursuit race enabled a larger than usual adult audience for the childrens’ entertainer! The pursuit race was eventually postponed until Friday.

In the evening, a car treasure hunt was arranged that had teams scurrying through graveyards and local hotels for clues. The winners are yet to be revealed.

Bridget’s diary
Dried out and have replenished my supply of dry knickers! Kept telling everyone that the weather’s not in my job description, but they don’t seem convinced. Spent afternoon trying to sell last of polo shirts (didn’t manage to get Andy, the instigator, to buy one though). Film night was excellent using Mark’s projector and our sound system – Ginge and I had back rows seats!

Wednesday 7th August – Couldn’t last could it? It wouldn’t be Bass Week without a little rain. While we were waiting for the forecast wind to fill in, the rain came with it and it was torrential for the first half of the race. The OD tried to get the third race in but gave up when the wind faded to nothing. Of course once racing had finished, the rain disappeared in time for barbeques to be lit and another outdoor prizegiving.

The results were calculated using both races sailed to count.

Wednesday’s results

A disco entertained many sailors until the early hours.

Robin Dawson & Phil Hodgkins - Winners of Nairn Pursuit

Tuesday 6th August – Sunny again, and a lake like a mirror. Mustn’t complain.

The official starter passes the time in a dominoes school while the wind fills in.

After a 3 hour postponement, racing took place with the aid of a light sea breeze. The racing was followed by Bridget’s barbie (no string soup in sight) and she was aided and abetted by Ginge and the gang.

Bridget’s Diary
Got my own back on William. Left him at the mercies of the Border TV crew while I went to sort out the conservatory man, Ginge (still well oiled from last night’s session, and the Barbie. Stressville passed after the last sausage was cooked and there was one left for me. So much for needing ‘experienced’ chefs – Huh! Showing ‘Lord of the Rings’ tonight – dare I kick the kids out at 10pm with an hour of the film still left to watch?

Tuesdays Results

Monday 5th August – Blue skies, but no wind – it didn’t stop 20 budding young sailors taking part in the sail training. Typically as the training came to an end the little flurries of wind filled in for a while.

The only race, held in the afternoon, was sponsored by Grapevine Wine Company. The OD kept his nerves of steel as he set a course taking the fleets down the lake while the fickle winds faded. As the first fleet started the effects of the sea breeze started to take their toll, and many later fleets started with their spinnakers flying. The westerly wind coming over Sale Fell had their usual effect caused by vertical downdraughts.Of course, the benefit of some the lulls was that we all had an excellent view of THE osprey. Monday’s results

Todays entertainment was supplemented by an airshow of some 30 aircraft coming to check out our glorious weather.

The visitors had a clean sweep of 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the evening’s quiz – well done to Yeadon.

Bridget’s diary
Why do people keep singing ‘I’m a Barbie Girl’ around me just ‘cos I’m trying to get shot of all these BBQ tickets? Took to the water for the first time these week, went down the lake (something we never normally do), and came third – hooray. Must see Andy to make sure we’re in the prizes.

Knowlesy caught me getting my knickers wet!

Sunday 4th August – Another glorious day. The wind came in early, and disappeared for short periods throughout racing, but generally there was an excellent breeze. Sunny weather, karaoke night, and a 40th birthday all meant copious amounts of alcohol were consumed. Could this have been the reason for Mike Moore being fascinated by a cloud formation at midnight only to find he was looking up at the branches of a tree?!

… and the diary
Thought I was in for a treat when a flasher was reported in the changing rooms – pity that it turned out to be a faulty light fitting. Got one over on the treasurer – had a fantastic firework display that lit up a mirror like lake. Checking for rowdies on the camp site – noisiest area was that witches’ covern celebrating Kim’s birthday – well they had been casting spells to ‘avoid’ droopy boobs! Must speak to the Commodore about emptying his portapotty in the receptacle provided, and not leaving a trail of it all across the campsite!

Final results

Click for more pics (Courtesy of John Knowles)

Saturday 3rd August – The clouds cleared to provide a glorious day. The wind did fill in but provided testing conditions for all sailors.

Drinks with the Commodore at his opening reception were followed by a disco that went on till the early hours.

After a busy day organising reception, balancing the books (well trying), Bridget relaxed and started to mix her drinks! But when Ginge started to go a little too far (especially with the kids present) he ended up with a blue WKD rinse (perhaps a follow on from the blue string soup).

Everything is ready. It was unfortunate that Bridget’s potion wasn’t working too well yesterday – erecting tents and awnings in the rain is not the best way to start your holiday! However, many visitors met up with old friends over a drink in the bar.

A bright days starts to develop

Bridget shouldn’t leave that diary about………

Friday 2nd
Mustn’t have too much to drink at Miles drinks party. Need to set the alarm to make sure I’m up for another phone interview! (Who would be daft enough to get up before 8am especially during holidays) Richard was interviewed today as well – Couldn’t shut him up once he started.

If you fancy a fun week in the beautiful Lake District, interspersed with some keen racing and the chance to win a multitude of prizes (even more than local radio station CFM), pack your boat up and get on down to Bassenthwaite.

See you soon, you’ll be made very welcome.

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