Bass Week 2003

Results – 1st weekend, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 2nd weekend, Graduate Nationals

Saturday/Sunday: The light Southerly breeze looked promising for the OD to get in the three scheduled races. However, it was not to be. As throughout the week, by mid afternoon the wind faded and changed direction from time to time. A short final race of the day was held a couple of hours late, in reasonable airs, although several fleets had to contend with a reaching start.

Sunday morning looked promising, then it didn’t. Just before the scheduled start the forecast Southerly came in and brought rain with it to dampen the tents and awnings before they were taken down! A course around the lake was set, and during the start sequence, the wind filled in from the West resulting in some more reaching starts. In less than 50 minutes the leading boats had raced down and back up the lake demonstrating some spectacular planing (and the odd capsize). The rain soon cleared and the tents/awnings dried so that they could be packed away dry.

Florence Carruthers presented the whisky at the final prizegiving of the weekend. Final results

Friday: With three races to squeeze in, the early morning breeze looked promising until the mist came in…


However, the mist has cleared, and the wind filled in again. What will the day have in store?

The first race was postponed for a short while as the wind came in from the South West. However, the breeze had faded before all the boats had finished, and many drifted home.

After an extended break, the wind filled in from the forecast direction in the East, and by the time the OD had chased the changes in wind direction, the South Westerly sea breeze kicked in to close off the final two races of the day – the RNLI Pursuit and Junior/Ladies/60+ race. Friday results

Several GPs were packing up for the World Championships being held at Abersoch – Good luck!

Thursday: The sun shone, the wind came and went, came back again, and so on. Jason the Juggling Jester had arrived for the junior party before the wind settled down!

When the sailors were just getting into the swing of the tricks, it was time to go racing! Although one race was sailed, the pursuit was postponed until Friday. Final results

This could be from Harry Potter – your wish is my command – I am Dobbo (well Dobby in the film) and I came third (with a little bit of help from my helm) in the Graduate National Championships – Yippee! (as requested by Linda Dobson’s workmate Brian May – isn’t he a singer?)

Wednesday: Again, there was an excellent breeze overnight, topped off with a light show created by thunderstorm in the surrounding hills. Another beautiful morning, but a lack of wind.

The wind came in, but faded toward the end of the first race. Undeterred, the OD squeezed in three good races. For the hottest day, there was a lot of sea fret which proved to be a bit of relief for some! A long prizegiving for three days sailing finished the day before the second disco of the week – where do they get their energy from? Wednesdays results with pictures. (NB pictures for Mon/Tues racing are posted also).

Tuesday: Good wind for the campers overnight, will it stay for the racing? The wind’s so warm that even the nasty black cloud started sweating cobs for a while. With racing underway, the clouds disappeared, the sun shone, and there was some very close racing. Morning results

The wind almost held for all of the afternoon’s Nairn Pursuit race – apart from the final 15 mins when opportunities for some of the faster handicap boats to come through fell by the wayside. But that’s the way it goes.

The race suffered numerous capsizes when strong gusts passed through the fleet. One notable one being, of course, Bridget who got her knickers wet again – she seemed more worried about being photographed. Unfortunately, there were no paparazzi available when you need them. Final honours went to the GPs (again) with Phil Smith taking the lead finishing signal. Final results

There’s a Barbeque and films on the cards this evening – how civilised!

Bridget’s Diary : Monday
Nice to be back on the water until the wind disappeared! Thought Ginge would have the drinks ready, but not this time – may be the sun got to his head? By the end of the evening, getting earache from Philip – Dad’s drunk, brother’s missing, and Mum won’t go to bed! How the tables change. Back on the water tomorrow – best to keep out of Ginge’s way while he tries to recover.

Monday: More sun, but less wind proved to cause a bit of agony for the OD. In the morning the Graduates went out for race 5 but had to endure a bit of a drift to the finish. The afternoon didn’t look any more promising, the prospect of sailing around the lake faded as the wind struggled to materialise. However, after an hour and a half delay, the wind filled in sufficiently to get everyone on the water for a reasonable sail until, of course the wind faded about 6pm. Some fleets completed the course in reasonable airs, but there were some that didn’t! Final results
Bridget took to the water, but was in that category of boats that had to finish in ‘light airs’ – which only put her in a tizz as she was due to get her nibbles out for the second time this week. 
  The Graduates had a better race to finish the national championship with and then had a prizegiving that gave David and Rachael Hammond from Ogston a multitude of silverware to polish before next year’s event! Overall resultsA local jazz band played until the early hours of the barmy summer evening. Just what are you missing?!! 

Sunday: An extended disco helped some work off their hangover prematurely. In the morning, many had a glimpse of a black shag* (very rare at Bass – especially while sailing!). The wind was lighter than Saturday, but slightly more predictable

Events of the day: Adrian Mole down in the dumps after damaging another mirror. Leading fifteens miss out marks (while another went aground), Ian Campbell triumphs after 20 years of trying. OD gives sailing tips to the ever hopefuls

Final results

Graduate Nationals – results after day 2

The competitions continue this evening with the inter club quiz – who will rise to the challenge?

* A shag is the proper name for a cormorant

Saturday: Day 2 of Bass Week, well it seems that way for the many people that arrive on Friday and set up camp. Of course, they have to be sociable when they meet so many old friends again, so it’s down to the bar to drink and be merry!

The sun shone and the wind blew (from various directions of course!) for the first days racing, there were interesting courses, and the odd capsize to boot.

As ever, Bridget will have her nibbles out and invite everyone for a glass of punch before taking to the dance floor with the first disco of the week.

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