Bass Week 2020

Following the latest government proposals to ease lockdown, reluctantly, the club council have decided it will not be possible to maintain appropriate social distancing to run our beloved Bass Week this year even if current restrictions on the use of changing facilities are lifted later in July. Therefore, sadly, Bass Week 2020 will not be held.

While you have your diaries out crossing out yet another event, please be sure to set aside 31st July – 8th August in 2021 for Bass Week 2021. It’s certain to be a cracker with so much catching up to do!

Diary Date 2021

If you have enjoyed the week so much that you don’t want to miss Bass Week 2021, put 31st July – 8th August in your diary now!

What is going on here Paul?!

Steve and Ruth look worried!

Memories of 2019 are still available from the onsite photographer Peter Mackin at where he may well have caught you in action too!

Sunday 11th August

The recent heavy rainfall continued to fill the lake overnight (over 1m in 24 hours) to the extent that numerous tents and caravans had to be repositioned to avoid the flood waters.

As a result of having to move boats from the foreshore the race committee opted to cancel the final race of the regatta.

An early prize giving brought the week to a close.

Commodore Naomi Smith thanked the huge team of helpers that prepared, and delivered another successful week, before presenting prizes to the weekend’s prize winners.

Special awards for individual’s performance over the whole week were made to the Matthew Somerville, Charlie Exley, Mike Moore and Kayla Sheard, Mark Somerville and Joe Roberts.

Nigel O’Donnell kindly gave a vote of thanks to the club for another fantastic regatta that surpassed the standards of so many other events that he had been to this season.

Endeavour Trophy – Matthew Somerville

Hi-Jinx Trophy – Charlie Exley

Ovington Trophy – Mark Somerville & Joe Roberts

Nigel O’Donnell

Saturday 10th August

With the whole of the country at the mercy of a cyclone weather system, could the forecast be any worse? However, the Bass micro climate gave us showers, blustery, but great sailing conditions. A lot of people had been put off by the heavy overnight rain, and drizzly conditions in the morning, so there were reduced numbers sailing.

The ODs put together three varied courses to challenge, and offer some great three sail reaches. After the first race there was an extended break while numerous people helped relocate Red Seal crew’s tents which were in the flood zone.

A Wild West themed disco followed, though the planned bucking bronco was scared off by the rain

Friday 9th August

A wet and windy night for campers was forecast to ease in time for racing to get underway as scheduled.

The rain faded to a drizzle by the time racing started, and the clouds finally cleared to offer sunshine filled skies! Was this really the same day?

As for the sailing, the OD checked the ESE wind was true up the lake, and opted to send the faster fleets all the way to 12 and back again, with the slower fleets staying in the northern bay. Just as the fast handicap fleet started the wind veered to the SW, but it was expected the wind would remain true down the lake as the wind curved around Sale Fell. The start line was quickly repositioned for the slower fleets and their beat altered to suit the new direction, then their race started, and had almost finished before the faster fleets reappeared!

Stranded fleet around mark 11

Unfortunately, rather than curve around Sale Fell, the wind was blocked by it, and put the southern end of the lake in shadow!

The OD took to the water to shorten five fleets which were surprisingly well bunched, and frustratingly for the finish team, 15 boats, aided with a tail wind, finished within one minute of each other!

The afternoon race for U18s, ladies, and over 60s started off in the dry weather, but would the rain hold off a while longer? Well, in short, no!

The showery interludes continued so the prize giving was held indoors.

More wind and rain for Saturday? You can never tell with the Bass micro climate.

Thursday 8th August

With lighter winds forecast Thursday, sailors were pleased to be resting their muscles somewhat. Fortunately the rain showers stayed away, and the sun broke through for a glorious afternoon.

With the RNLI pursuit being held this afternoon, the local branch of the RNLI held a table top sale in support of their charity.

Generally there was a light breeze all day, with various lulls, and some big swings in direction. The changeable conditions continued through the prolonged start for the RNLI pursuit, perhaps to the benefit of the early starters. After the allotted 100 mins a Wanderer had a clear lead from two Mirrors and a GP. The crew promptly celebrated by jumping overboard!

The sunny weather was great for the children’s party games, which was followed by an evening of Bass has got talent as demonstrated by the stars of our GP fleet!

Wednesday 7th August

The day started with some heavy black clouds, but the rain held off, and there was a good force 2 to power the fleets around the course. With three a race series, and a prize giving scheduled, it was going to be a busy day!

The gusting winds continued throughout the day and the sun broke through to boot. All in all, some great sailing conditions, with plenty of reaches, planing, and numerous capsizes.


Tuesday 6th August

A wet morning.. Will there be a chance to sit out as this group did yesterday?

Unfortunately various rain showers put the kibosh on a repeat of Monday’s jollities.

The wind was lighter than forecast though some strong gusts passed through causing a capsize or two, while the shadow of Sale Fell occasionally challenged the fleet as they rounded mark 9.

The Nairn Pursuit had varying conditions during the prolonged 40 min start sequence including torrential rain, high gusts, and then lighter winds for the final few starts. This gave the early starters, mainly Mirrors, an advantage which they used to within three minutes of the finish when the GP fleet, led by Andy Smith/Phil Hodgkins, were closing in. Inexpicably the lead Mirror seemed to believe they had finished and overstood the final mark before the finish signal. Realising their error they headed back to next mark, taking 4th position, though it seemed likely that the GPs may well have passed them in the final  minutes in any case.

Monday 5th August

For many there was just one afternoon race on Monday, but for the hardy few there was a Dragonforce model yacht race in the morning, as well as a junior series this year too!

The afternoon race was held in the bay and took advantage of the good, but gusty, winds which caused many capsizes, but also provided some excellent planing conditions.

An evening of quizzes to keep the competitive spirit alive. As ever it was a close run result going to a tie break on the colour of the VC’s underwear! The fully deserving winners were ‘The Independent Wine Merchant of the Year’ aka Carruthers and Kent

Sunday 4th August

A dry start to the day with the forecast of a better breeze to hopefully get in an extra race having lost one yesterday.

With a good southerly, the conditions were ideal for a 10.30 start to get the day’s racing underway, with some great planing, and the occasional capsize! The Laser fleet caused the first general recall of the week. Hopefully putting them to the back of the start sequence will stop them being quite so eager in the future.

Two races sailed with the final one after lunch. Would the rain showers miss us? Just before the final race the wind swung to the west, and the committee boat set a course accordingly, only for it to veer to the north while waiting for the fleets to get to the line. The wind appeared to be returning to the west so the sequence was started in anticipation, but abandoned with seconds to spare. A while later the southerly wind was spotted, the start relaid and racing was soon underway. The direction remained true, but the strength eased unfortunately.

The first prize giving of the week was held just as a light rain shower was imminent. The sponsors umbrellas which were awarded as prizes for some winners proved quite useful!

Saturday 3rd August

After months of preparation, a big team of helpers have been welcoming this year’s visitors that were eager to set up camp from the moment the gate opened yesterday.

After a sunny day there was a small shower but followed by a lovely sunset that reminds us all why we love Bass.

There was plenty of celebrations after meeting up with old friends. How’s everyone feeling today?

Racing gets underway this afternoon. After glorious champagne sailing conditions in the morning, coming from the south as well, the wind struggled to bed in from a specific direction. Mid afternoon the sea breeze took control and racing started at 4.30 but the strength eased, direction twitched and a slight shower came in, so there was only the one race.

At least the sailors made getting changed worthwhile, and they were able to check they had rigged their boat correctly!

Tonight there will be drinks with the commodore, then live music.

Entries are open for The One Bassenthwaite Lake Sailing Week

Bass Week Fees 2019

Bass Week fees for this year have been agreed, and the brochure is being prepared with an expectation that entries will go live week commencing 7 April.

Don’t miss out on the significant discounts available for pre-entry

Pre Sun 9th June Until Sun 28th July On the Gate
Single Double Single Double Single Double
1st weekend £24 £32 £29 £40 £35 £45
Midweek £64 £89 £74 £97 £80 £105
2nd Weekend £24 £32 £29 £40 £35 £45
Inclusive £80 £109 £107 £140 £110 £150
Inclusive – Junior £64 £88 £86 £112 £88 £120
Caravan/Motorhome £130 £195 £210
Awning/Gazebo £55 £80 £85
6+ man tent per week £130 £195 £210
3-5 man tent per week £120 £180 £195
2 man tent per week £80 £118 £125
6 man per night £40 £50 £55
3-5 man per night £27 £30 £33
2 man per night £19 £22 £24

Rescue Provision

redsealWe are pleased to be engaging the services of Red Seal Rescue to support and supplement our own rescue facilities throughout the regatta again.