Monday Morning Blues

The morning has started with some heavy showers which are expected to pass over by the time racing starts this afternoon. Also, some heavier winds are due to revisit us!

So much for the forecast… The rain/drizzle lingered somewhat further into the afternoon than expected, the wind filled in from the NW but the gusts did not materialise. With the course for the only race of the day taking the fleet around the lake,  the sailors had a relatively gentle spinnaker leg down to the southern end, with a long beat back, though the wind in the main bay was easing, instead of strengthening as the afternoon went on. Sailors may, or may not have spotted the Osprey during the race, but they would have seen the (grass?) floaters which seemed to be everywhere, having been washed into the lake from the heavy rain.

The sun is out in time for the barbeques, so the world will seem a better place for many 🙂