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PLEASE NOTE: The following links show small, low resolution images for quick web access… DO NOT order from this site, the quality of print will be poor. Email the number(s) of the image(s) you want along with your postal address. Payment would be by bank transfer or cheque please. Details on ordering.

Prices are:

I use this site as I mainly do commissions these days so my own site is not geared for it. HOWEVER, the links are as follows. I would straighten any squiffy horizons and I think you’ve all seen the quality of the prints.

1st Weekend Sat Race 1
1st Weekend Sat Race 1 NEW (not previously uploaded/seen)
1st Weekend Sat Race 2
1st Weekend Sun Race 1
1st Weekend Prizes

2nd Weekend Sat Race 1
2nd Weekend Sat Race 2
2nd Weekend Sat Race 3
2nd Weekend Sun Race
2nd Weekend Prizes
Rescue Photos

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