Saturday 31 July

Let the fun begin. Overnight showers have passed through, and will stay away for a while, hopefully! The breeze should pick up to F2-F3 through the day for the two scheduled races, but Bass does benefit from its own microclimate, so anything may happen…

The wind was light at the start, but increased as forecast albeit in fits and starts, and threw in some major shifts to challenge the fleets.

In the first race, there were a few premature starters, and all but one returned. The wind continued to freshen for the second race, and resulted in some planing opportunities occasionally. The Flying 15s caused the first general recall of the regatta, so had to wait for the remaining 8 fleets started before they had their second chance to get away.

After racing the sailors were queuing for their fish suppers at the mobile chippy, before going to meet the commodore at the welcome reception, with some live music to follow.