Sunday 1 August

Sunday started drier and brighter with the possibility of a strengthening breeze from the NE.

Although the general direction remained true, the were some major shifts, and lulls, for the fleets to contend with. Starting on time at the favoured port end wasn’t necessarily the best way forward, as one Flying 15 proved, struggling to cross the line due to the wind dropping, it was a minute late, started at the starboard end, took a shift and was first to the windward mark. Many others suffered similar snakes and ladders lottery shifts.

The wish for the wind to bed in, and be steadier, for the afternoon racing was optimistic unfortunately! Again it swung excessively, and was somewhat light at times, though there were occasional planing conditions

The first prize giving of the week is being held today.

This evening the annual quiz night will bring out the competitive instinct one more time.