Thursday 5 August

All good things come to an end, and today could be the day the rain appears, however, due to the Bass microclimate, only time would tell. In the meantime sailors should be able to enjoy F3-4 south easterly – perfect for sailing down the lake perhaps? As it turned out the wind held, and with gusts hitting F6 at times, there was large waves to contend with too. Consequently the turnout was reduced but those that started, in the main, completed the course around the lake.

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The wind, or gusts at least, picked up over the lunch break, and when launching for the RNLI pursuit boats were being blown off trollies which put more sailors off, and limited the number that could get launched! As a result the race was abandoned and sailors headed back to shore. As there were several sailors keen to race, a single start handicap race was held. As the rain moved in, the wind eased slightly, much to the disappointment of some.

After racing there was a childrens’ orienteering, and a car treasure hunt, so hopefully the main rain showers held off a while longer.