Tuesday 6th August

A wet morning.. Will there be a chance to sit out as this group did yesterday?

Unfortunately various rain showers put the kibosh on a repeat of Monday’s jollities.

The wind was lighter than forecast though some strong gusts passed through causing a capsize or two, while the shadow of Sale Fell occasionally challenged the fleet as they rounded mark 9.

The Nairn Pursuit had varying conditions during the prolonged 40 min start sequence including torrential rain, high gusts, and then lighter winds for the final few starts. This gave the early starters, mainly Mirrors, an advantage which they used to within three minutes of the finish when the GP fleet, led by Andy Smith/Phil Hodgkins, were closing in. Inexpicably the lead Mirror seemed to believe they had finished and overstood the final mark before the finish signal. Realising their error they headed back to next mark, taking 4th position, though it seemed likely that the GPs may well have passed them in the final  minutes in any case.