Monday 1 August

Today’s racing is scheduled for the afternoon to give newcomers a chance to set up their boats. At least it will give the wind a chance to freshen. Will the OD opt for to send the fleet around the lake? Time will tell…

As race time approached the wind started to fill in from the NW and ran down the lake, so the OD opted for the most straightforward of courses 1-12-S-0. Very easy to remember, but the downside being it’s a long way between the marks.Though the faster fleets started in a good breeze, the wind started to waiver soon after, slowing down the boats in the northern bay, but it filled in again, so all seemed good. The lead fast handicap boat reappeared at Scarness in just after an hour’s racing, but other boats were to suffer in light/calm patches further down the lake. Indeed, Neil Currie in a Flying was home and ashore before the next F15 was even in sight at Scarness!

Some slower boats took almost twice as long as the leaders, and were worried about missing their booking at The Pheasant!

The sunny weather continued throughout the afternoon, and there was a delightful appearance of some iridescent cloud

Some live music tonight to entertain the sailors.

Hopefully a bit more wind tomorrow, but it comes with the risk of rain!