Saturday 6 August

Is this the calm before the storm? A day of sunshine with winds building as the day goes on, and the risk of rain moving in. Perhaps a some awnings and tents will be taken down early?

Certainly had the sunny day, and the wind built up as time went on. The early southerly gave the OD a false sense of security and veered more to the SW soon after the start of the first race resulting in some calmer spots on the course. By the 2nd race the wind had steadied to the SW and strengthened leading to various capsizes and spectacular reaches. The cloud moved in by the 3rd race, blown in by the increasing force 4 winds which caused more capsizes, broaching F15s, and boats flattened while beating!

The forecast for Sunday isn’t good so various awnings have been taken down in the better weather, but this is Bass, anything could happen….