Saturday Sunshine

Great warm wind, and sunshine! A fantastic way to start Bass Week. The question as to whether anyone who travels 1000 miles to Lake Garda would enjoy better conditions has been asked. At present, we would suggest no.

Although the sun faded, the wind continued and it put many sailors off venturing out. The first boat out was a Flying Dutchman, which duly capsized! There were many others boats that followed though there was an unfortunate incident when a boat capsized before the start, and then righted to find it had a broken mast.

To reduce the prolonged start sequence, starting interval was reduced to 2 mins which made life on the committee boat all the more hectic!

The OD thought that the starts in the first race were all a bit cautious, but they were slightly better in the second race, and the OD even had the recall flag at the ready.

During both races there were some nasty squalls that flattened even F15s, and they led to various changes of positions.

The sailors will be tired tonight but no doubt find time to enjoy the Commodore’s reception and the eukele band throughout the evening.