Sunday 8 August

A wet final evening is not unusual, but unfortunate in terms of packing away tents and awnings. At least there should be plenty of wind for the last race of the weekend series, and regatta, for those with the energy and enthusiasm for one final blast!

Even the committee boat ran out of energy just as it was laying the final start line! A reduced turnout competed for series positions before the final prize giving at which Commodore Jon Denwood thanked his team for bringing everything together for a slightly different, fresher, but excellent event.

Ovington Memorial for best Bass handicap – Chris Pickles and Matthew Sharman
HiJinx Trophy for best Bass uner 18 – Matthew Somerville
Miners Trophy for best Bass 15 – Simon Longstaff and Jon Denwood
H Bomb Hannah receiving Endeavour Trophy
Endeavour Trophy – Hannah Preston