Thanks for the memories

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Feedback received:

I was very impressed by the organisation of the events and helpfulness of all the people we met. The clubhouse and grounds were immaculate and high praise to all the volunteer club members for their hard work.

Everyone said ‘just wait for Bass Week’ and with ominous excitement I did…
Little did I appreciate what was in store – a cocoon of adventure, buzzing with activity, full of friendly faces of all ages; laughs and fun whatever the weather, banging live tunes, delicious food, bountiful games and that’s not to mention the sailing! (How did you competitors find the time for that?!)
A festival of all the best things in life. Exceptionally organised, faultlessly inclusive and mindfully supportive. Thank you all.
Bass is clearly a very special place and I am honoured to be able to join you.
Now, to learn to sail…

Thank you to all at Bass Club for organising another excellent event. Greatly appreciated after 18 weary eventless months. Well done to all ?

It was a fantastic week, looking forward to Bass Week 2022.

Sorry we couldn’t do the whole week, but the first half was great.

Bass Week 2021…you were awesome and my new bass family I will grow old with ?. Thank you to everyone who organised ?