Wednesday 3 August

What do the weather gods have in store for us today? The forecast isn’t good…

With the wind from the SW, Sale Fell was having its inimitable effect on the racing area in the northern bay so the OD opted to use the southern part of the lake which appeared to have a more consistent direction, and stronger winds. Although those two aspects were true, after the race started at Scarness, the fleets endured varied conditions as there were lulls, then gusts, some of which were major shifts capsizing boats in backwards. Fortunately there were only brief spells of drizzle in the morning, but the conditions were forecast to change in the afternoon.

Indeed the forecast was right. The wind picked up, and the horribly wet drizzle moved in, putting a number of sailors off venturing out. Those that did go out did well to stay upright, but there were many strong gusts that flattened even the better sailors. All that endured and survived various gusts off wind enjoyed some fantastically fast and spectacular spinnaker legs.

The second prizegiving was held which was followed by some live music and then someone spotted a Pokemon….